Adhesives & Sealants Overview

Lion Elastomers is the leading provider of crosslinked and non-crosslinked hot polymerized emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber (ESBR) for the adhesives and sealants industry. They are typically applied in solvent-borne systems, often with a tackifier, for bonding, sealing and spray applications. 

Lion Elastomers' terpolymers, partially crosslinked with divinylbenzene, produce adhesives and sealants with a non-stringy, buttery consistency. Adhesives produced with our hot polymerized ESBR provide a clean breakaway when caulked or troweled and offer controlled expansion when used in expandable sealants. 

Trilene® Liquid EPDM, a low molecular weight terpolymer, provides adhesive formulators with strong adhesion to a variety of substrates, including low energy surfaces. The nature of the EPDM contributes to the moisture and water-resistant properties of the adhesives.  They can be formulated into either solvent-borne or VOC compliant water-based adhesive systems. The Trilene® Liquid EPDM products are durable over a range of conditions and provide excellent impact resistance and flexibility at low temperatures. 

Adhesives & Sealant Applications

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